July 11, 2015
4 years, 6 months and 13 days since
our Reunion.
Ok people. We need to decide what we are doing. We need a committee to make a few decisions. Some need done quickly. I have Anthony and the Anamals aka blubird penciled in to play at the bar on July 11th. Other than that day they are booked into October. Our class website is set to expire March 3rd. I need an Ok to renew it. Or maybe take donations to pay for it. Let me know if you want to be on the committee asap

Welcome to the Dodge City Senior High School Class of 1980 Official Website!

"Once a Demon, Always a Demon"


DCHS Class of 1980   20 Year Reunion
DCHS Class of 1980 20 Year Reunion

How about an Encore performance from the reunion?

Transvestite Cowboy!
I am in the process of upddating the class website to include information about the 35th reunion this summer. It is still in the planning stages but I will keep everyone posted here.

Reunion Quiz
Who sang the song "Transvestite Cowboy" at the floor show?

Lance Stone
Jim Williams
Ollie Hall
Rob Kinkelaar
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